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Introduction :
The described system is a project realized to understand theoretical concepts  introduced during the courses named “Tecnologie del Software per Internet” and “Basi di Dati”.

This work shows a real and useful example replacing the concepts introduced by the course “Programmatore per Applicazioni Web”.


In details are used different instruments and notions also used in a normal work context: JSP, Servlet, JMS, JDBC, HTML, MySQL.



1 Context

The goal is to create a system for the exchange of messages between Web applications.
The system is realized through the design and implementation of a specific web application that can communicate with n identical applications.
The communication takes place through the exchange of messages handled by a dedicated server (Joram).


The web application is implemented using HTML, JSP, JAVA, Servlets, JDBC and JMS.
The Tomcat web server is used, while for data persistence is used DBMS MySQL.
The server for handling messages is the JORAM.
The development environment used is the Eclipse IDE.


The system is composed of two or more identical web applications and a server that handles messages.
Every web application  can take the input of messages via an HTML form, these messages through servlets and some specific Java objects recall the JMS libraries to send  JMS messages to the JORAM server.

The server receive a message form an application and sends this message to all the applications connected to it and  and recorded at a common Topic.
Each application subscribed to a particular topic listens for incoming messages that automatically stores in its database.

The user can see the list of incoming messages via the web interface, cal also read and delete them.
A special filter prevents the message sent back from the server is forwarded also to the sender.

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