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Dear user, welcome to my world ... After a long time spent using wordpress for my site I decided to re-propose this old (but still functional) version of my website. Of course it will be updated with new things and photos.

The purpose of this site is to gather all my past and future experience, comments on ordinary facts, reflections, experiments ... etc. The main idea of a return to the past is to create a site that diversifies in its simplicity from all those ready-made blogs that can be found around.

"Simplicity is the last sophistication."


NOTICE: I decided to translate my personal site completely in english, so don't worry if you see some parts of this site in italian and other parts in english :-) I am still working on translation (I hope to finish as soon as possible)

If you want to contact me you can write to info AT replacing AT with @ or go to the page contacts

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