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Carpfishing is a specific sport fishing technique aimed at catching carp and other large cyprinids (especially the Amur) with the same food habits. Its birth dates back to 1978 in England: in that year, such Kevin Maddocks and Lennie Middleton, after repeated observations in the aquarium, developed a trigger technique that left the hook completely free.

The bait was in fact connected to it thanks to a "hair" (understood as a thread, or very thin filament) called for this hair rig. In this way, by leaving the hook uncovered, it was possible to facilitate the hooking of the same in the fish's mouth without the risk of it being spat out, causing it to "hook" to the lower lip so as to, among other things, not cause serious damage to the fish, since it is a predominantly cartilaginous flap of meat.

The carp, in fact, feeds by sucking in and expelling the food and not by biting it as do other species of fish with teeth.

Carpfishing has as its objective the capture of large specimens of carp; however, after the capture, the same are systematically released not before having taken a souvenir photo. Probably, it was the first technique of the movement, still in strong expansion, called catch and release or No-kill.

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